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66 DQUO : mijn uit! nu he nou naar mag om al over deze dat tegen en had hebben already observed activities. We do also see more expressions of self, with ik ( I ) and first person verbs such as wil ( want ) and heb ( have ), but these are much less distinguishing. On the male side, we see a rather different world. Apart from bier ( beer ), we see an enormous number of soccer-related words, with fifa at the most extreme, and then club names, scores, competitions, playing, winning, losing, etc. On the right edge of the plot, though, we do also observe some function words. The location adverbs daar ( there ) and waar ( where ) appear to be a more male thing, as well as some prepositions like per ( per ), bij ( at, near ) and voor ( for, before ). Finally, mentioning other users is apparently more often done by men. For both genders, the tokens are dominated by the young person s world. It is no wonder that classifying different types of authors, such as politicians and financial bloggers, is more problematic. Percentage of females using token & x echt t k wil heb ik word jou ben me zo bent waarom alles met ( dit even. als mn ) tot.!!?? url niet kan, hoe ze dus je iets ga moet aan wie smiley mij jij door geen te er we heeft maar? die wat nog mee een is toch opzouzijn hij jullie van dan in beetje ff de het of ook wel bij voor Percentage of males using token Figure 6: Percentages of use of the 655 most frequent function words and punctuation by female and male authors. The font size of the words indicates to which degree they differentiate between the gender when also taking into account the relative frequencies of occurrence. Although most distinguishing tokens appear to be related to content, we do observe some stylerelated tokens. In Figure 6, we show a plot for the top 655 function words (or rather tokens), which was the only feature type focusing on style in our experiments. We can now observe various distinguishing tokens which were so far lost in the dense cloud of words. They correspond to what earlier research (see Section 7) has observed. Females show more personal pronouns, such as the already mentioned ik ( I ), but also me ( me ) and jou ( you ), as well as the reduced possessive pronoun mn (mijn my ). Males write more objective structures, with the mentioned prepositions, andalsoarticleslikede ( the )andeen ( a ). Herewefindalsofindmorethirdpersonconstructions, with is ( is ), hij ( he ) and zijn ( his, or plural are ). Looking at the bigrams, which we will not plot here, we see a few more style-related constructions appearing. On the female side, we see niet meer ( not anymore ), ik mis ( I miss ) and the 686

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